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Uraufführung mit Graham Waterhouse

CONFRONTATIONS - Werke für Cello und Klavier, so ist die Matinée am kommenden Sonntag im Münchner Gasteig (11 Uhr, Kleiner Konzertsaal) betitelt. Nach guter Tradition findet zum Abschluss des spannende Programms eine Uraufführung des Cellisten und Komponisten Graham Waterhouse statt: "Chinese Zodiac" (Chinesischer Tierkreis) für Violoncello und Klavier.



Werke für Cello und Klavier Graham Waterhouse: Confrontations für Cello und Klavier (2006) Freda Swain: Cello Sonata in C (1927) Waterhouse: Dragonesque für Cello und Klavier (2017) Frederic Delius: Cello Sonata (1916) Waterhouse: Chinese Zodiac (Chinesischer Tierkreis) für Cello und Klavier (UA) Graham Waterhouse, Cello Timon Altwegg, Klavier Dragoneaque: Eva Hofmann, Cello Cosima Fischer von Mollard, Klavier

Werkbeschreibung des Komponisten Graham Waterhouse: Chinese Zodiac is a composition for cello and piano in seven short movements. It was written with a German/Chinese family in mind. The work follows on fromChinese Whispers Dragonesque", which also combine Chinese and European musical elements. A Prologue sets the scene for a narrative scenario, describing a lively rural family with a young child quarreling with its parents and escaping to the forest. The child experiences visions of the five Chinese elements, the characteristics of which overlap with the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. The visions appear in the order: Metal, Wood, Earth, Fire, Water. The piece closes with a Postlude in which the child is escorted home by friendly forest animals. In its bed, the child drifts off to sleep, casting into doubt whether the events actually happened, or where perhaps just imagined. Following on from the Ballet project "The Seven Ages", the music is consciously descriptive and graphic, using a wide range of devices and techniques to bring the narrative to life.

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