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Der Geiger Roman Mints veröffentlicht die kompletten Werke für Violine und Klavier sowie die Kleine

“All musicians have particular pieces which hold a special meaning for us: not necessarily our “favourites”, but those which have played a defining or directing role in our lives. For me there is one such piece I have returned to repeatedly over the past 30 years. (…)

I liked to open my concerts with this sonata, finding in it something so personal and close to my heart that it overcame my nerves: I usually feel a bit edgy at the start of a concert. Over the years I decided to learn Hindemith’s other sonatas, as well as the sonata for viola d’amore with its entirely magical second movement. I found the ideal playing partner, my old friend Alexander Kobrin, whose style in this music can’t be bettered. We prepared a programme and played it in many places.” Roman Mints


Komplette Werke für Violine und Klavier Kleine Sonate für Viola d’amore und Klavier

PAUL HINDEMITH (1895–1963) SONATA FOR VIOLIN & PIANO IN E FLAT, Op.11 No.1 (1918) 1 I Frisch 2 II Im Zeitmaß eines langsamen, feierlichen Tanzes

SONATA FOR VIOLIN & PIANO IN D, Op.11 No.2 (1918) 3 I Lebhaft 4 II Ruhig und gemessen 5 III Im Zeitmaß und Charakter eines geschwinden Tanzes. Frisch und stets bewegt

SONATA FOR VIOLA D’AMORE & PIANO, “KLEINE SONATE”, Op.25 No.2 (1922) 6 I Mäßig schnell. Lustig 7 II Sehr langsam 8 III Sehr lebhaft

SONATA FOR VIOLIN & PIANO IN E (1935) 9 I Ruhig bewegt 10 II Langsam – Sehr lebhaft

TRAUERMUSIK (1936) 11 I Langsam 12 II Ruhig bewegt 13 III Lebhaft 14 IV Sehr langsam


SONATA FOR VIOLIN & PIANO IN C (1939) 16 I Lebhaft 17 II Langsam 18 III Fuge. Ruhig bewegt

Roman Mints, Violine Alexander Kobrin, Klavier

Label: Quartz Music, Vertrieb Naxos Bestellnummer: Veröffentlichung: 5. April 2019

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