"absolutely grandiose"

"Dramatic and urgent: the first movement of the Pathétique by the young Austrian pianist Dorothy Khadem-Missagh is spirited and resolute. It is followed by a very serene Adagio cantabile and then comes the final Rondo, which is absolutely grandiose, differentiating moods of joy, stormy enthusiasm, determination and profound questions.
In the farewell movement of the Adieux Sonata, Khadem-Missagh’s playing is very personal but at the same time a bit exaggerated. (...)
The performance of the 32 Variations WoO 80 shows a very grumpy, harsh and combative Beethoven.
The CD ends with the very attractively played Fantaisie pour le pianoforte sur un air de la Petite Russie op. 7 by Karl Traugott Zeuner (1775-1841), a composer from Dresden who is hardly known today."

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September 14, 2020

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