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Konstantia Gourzi has composed “Evening at the Window” – the set work for viola at this year’s ARD M

Press Release

Munich, September 14th 2018

World Premier for the ARD Music Competition

The 67th ARD Music Competition will take place in Munich, between September 3rd - 21st, 2018. Alongside competitors in piano trio, voice and trumpet categories, 45 violists will take up the challenge. The large majority come from Asia, and there are two German candidates. Konstantia Gourzi has composed the set work for the viola category. The world premier will take place at the ARD Music Competition semi-final, on September 14th at 16:00 in the Prinzregententheater.

Bells for the Rooster

Gourzi’s new piece is called “Evening at the Window”, after Marc Chagall’s picture of the same name. The musical Evening at the Window consists of six miniatures. In the foreground are the moon, a rooster, smoke from a chimney and an intwined couple. The setting of the moon is the connecting thread - a sort of refrain, which appears three times in different guises and sound colours. In the first movement, “A Rooster in Heaven”, the young violist has another task, in addition to the mastery of their instrument: ankle bells, with which the soloist plays a particular rhythm. Before this, the bells must not sound with any footstep - wait and see, to find out how the musicians cope with this challenge.

“The coordination involved in playing the viola plus another instrument is a new challenge for the soloist: they cannot concentrate only on their main instrument any more, but instead have to free themselves from this, and keep their balance physically, musically and in terms of sound quality.” (KG)

“I Want my Music to Build Bridges”

Konstantia Gourzi, internationally-recognised composer and conductor, often gives concerts in her double role. Alongside opera, film music, works for musical theatre and orchestral composititions, she has also composed many solo and chamber music works. Her music thereby offers the listener new sounds, expands their acoustic experience and leads them entirely naturally into a personal emotional universe.

Further World Premier in Rome - an Important Signal against Child Abuse

Just three weeks after September 14th, on October 6th, 2018, Konstantia Gourzi will conduct a further world premier of her own, this time in Rome. “Transformation, a Staged Musical Work, as a Signal Against Child Abuse” is a commission from the Archdiocese of Freising, as part of an opening event for the new child protection centre in Rome’s Pontifical Gregorian University. In seven parts, the piece dissects the problem of child abuse and clearly signals, that the time has come for communal action on the issue. “We have a huge responsibility”, says Gourzi. “Not just to ourselves, but to the younger generation. We must go forth in honesty, strength, individuality, trust, self-respect and love.”

Konstantia Gourzi’s homepage

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