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Genova & Dimitrov: Rachmaninow’s piano works for 20 fingers

"On the occasion of its 25th Birthday Anniversary, the Piano Duo Genova & Dimitrov realizes this year a fervent wish with a genuine mammoth project taking the pianists to their emotional limits in a form that has never been witnessed in the music world before: the two exceptional artists have recorded on cpo Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Complete Works for Piano Duo as a double CD. The manifold colors in these pieces full of musical ideas are just spectacular… trully a captivating affair of the heart and an hommage to their idol Rachmaninoff. But nobody can describe this music better than the pianists themselves:

"«Rachmaninoff's Second Suite, Schubert's Fantasy, Mozart's Sonata!», this was the authoritative answer that we, being Postgraduate students at the Hanover University of Music, received at the end of 1995 from our teacher, the piano legend Vladimir Krainev, to our question which works we could prepare for our first piano duo competition. At that time we would have never imagined that almost 25 years later from these few words the idea for this grand project would develop – a project we are now so particularly proud of." And justifiably so. Their impressive interpretations of the whole wide range of diverse compositions display Rachmaninoff’s multifacetedness in all its emotionally incredible, supercharged glory." Information cpo

Sergej Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) Sämtliche Werke für 2 Klaviere / Klavier 4-händig 2 CDs!

Suiten Nr. 1 "Fantaisie-Tableaux" & Nr. 2 op. 17 für 2 Klaviere Russische Rhapsodie für 2 Klaviere Prelude cis-moll aus "5 Morceaux de Fantaisie" op. 3 für 2 Klaviere Symphonische Tänze op. 45 für 2 Klaviere Symphonische Dichtung "Der Fels" op. 7 für Klavier 4-händig Romanze G-Dur für Klavier 4-händig Polka italienne für Klavier 4-händig 6 Stücke op. 11 für Klavier 4-händig Capriccio bohemien op. 12 für Klavier 4-händig

Piano Duo Genova & Dimitrov

Label: cpo Bestellnummer: 9672533 (2CDs) Veröffentlichung: February 25 th 2020

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