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  • Uwe Krusch, pizzicato

"Thus the listening impression is invigorating and roughened, not without charm"

"Four exciting works for a duo of violin and cello, in which folk music influences play a role, have been brought together by the two young artists Jonian Ilias Kadesha and Vashti Hunter. The two performers came together through their common teacher Hatto Beyerle, the violist of the Alban Berg Quartet, because he suspected a similar musical orientation, which was then confirmed in their joint activities and has endured for ten years so far. On this journey for two, the longest work is probably also the most famous, and the one that has accompanied the two musicians from the beginning. It is the Duo by Zoltan Kodaly. This, like the other works, is performed by the duo with a beautiful tone and a good characterization, but the interpretation also reveal a more modern character, with dissonant moments and edges. The portrayal of these two musicians has nothing of a cosy chat, but gives the impression of relentlessly exposed contours, which can sometimes be irritating. Thus the listening impression is invigorating and roughened, not without charm, but not exactly ingratiating either. While one would expect such a reading from Skalkottas and Xenakis, the interpretation of Honegger’s approach Sonatina is quite sharp."

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