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  • Alain Steffen, pizzicato

"a fairy-tale journey"

"Die schöne Magelone (The Beautiful Magelone) is a story that originated in France in the 15th century as a prose novel and later enjoyed great popularity and various adaptations. Ludwig Tieck’s literary arrangement from 1797 is considered the most significant, and it is also this that Johannes Brahms took as the basis for his op. 33.

The fifteen romances for voice and piano are complemented by fifteen spoken texts from Tieck’s Magelone. In the concert hall and on recordings, Die schöne Magelone is rather rare; although there are some very fine recordings, the theme and text seem somewhat out of date today.

The young baritone Tomas Kildisius delivers a very good interpretation that explores the text to the maximum. His pleasant voice leads through the 80-minute cycle and fascinates with interpretive conciseness and beautiful, lyrical singing. Ani-Ter-Martirosyan underpins the Magelone story with wonderfully multi-layered and very colorful piano playing, which reproduces different moods very well.

Actress Jannike Liebwerth narrates the lyrics and takes the listener on a fairy-tale journey. "


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