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  • Remy Franck, pizzicato

"is able to fully captivate the listener for nearly two hours"

"The trio reunited for this recording proves to be as homogeneous as they are well attuned to each other, giving each of the four Brahms compositions its individuality, generating tension and creating emotion, and always allowing the music its natural flow despite all the meaningful rhetoric. In terms of sound, too, none of the musicians tries to dominate, which was also skillfully safeguarded by the recording technology. And by no means do we think that sophistication or attention to detail fall by the wayside. The trio plays together as congenially as even a permanent chamber ensemble does not always succeed, and is able to fully captivate the listener for nearly two hours. This recording, with its impeccable musicianship, thus places itself on a par with those of the Tetzlaff siblings and Lars Vogt as well as the somewhat older recordings of the Beaux Arts Trio."


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