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  • Alain Steffen, pizzicato

"keeps the music in an exciting state of suspension"

"Filigrane is the title of this album, and filigree are the interpretations of pianist Adriana von Franqué, born in Berlin in 1993. The pianist plays very sensitively, which brings out the subtleties of the recorded works. Above all, however, Adriana von Franqué’s art is rooted in a very natural way of playing, which at the same time keeps the music in an exciting state of suspension. Accents and points of emphasis are present, but they are very gently integrated into the always fascinating sound. Yet the music never sounds flat or without tension. Adriana von Franqué knows very well how to work out the relief of each piece, always creating clear and distinct melodic lines.

Given the short playing time of just under 48 minutes, one wonders why she did not record Boulanger’s Trois morceaux in their entirety or Ravel’s Miroirs. That would certainly have added value, even if the title Filigrane might not have been appropriate. But with this wonderful piano playing, no one would have minded."


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