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  • Remy Franck, pizzicato

"very personal, expressive interpretations"

"Italian pianist Francesco Tropea, born in 1994, has put together a program of rarely heard works by Johann Sebastian Bach. His very personal, expressive interpretations will not appeal to everyone, as Tropea’s interpretation of Bach’s music is more akin to that of his son Carl Philipp Emmanuel.

Tropea’s playing thrives on the numerous contrasts and spontaneous dynamic changes that suggest a more sensitive inner life than is usually attributed to Bach. Original gestures in the fast movements and poignant adagios allow the music to speak to the listener in a haunting way. This has nothing to do with sentimentality and nothing to do with exuberant romanticism. Tropea is concerned with rhetoric and narrative, because he is capable of more than just playing notes.

It goes without saying that the virtuoso side of the works is also brilliantly mastered."


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