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  • Guy Engels, pizzicato

"with passion, with deep knowledge and with joy

"« Bach doesn’t allow the slightest distraction while playing. You’re out of it immediately. You can only do that in the flow, in the here and now, truthfully and unpretentiously. Only then can it become something. That’s an experience I’ve never had before, » writes Alexandra Sostmann in the booklet. She has dealt extensively with this further monument of Bach’s music, especially with the symbolism of the numbers, where much is supported by musicology, but some remains speculation.

All the listener senses from all this is that there is a musician who moves with passion, with deep knowledge and with joy in these 24 preludes and fugues. » You can only do that in the flow, in the here and now… »: Alexandra Sostmann translates her words into music. The formal, the purely mechanical are only means to an end for her to create wonderful music out of the strict form. And she has the flow into which she takes the listener.

Everything technical is here subordinated to musical poetry. The fine differentiation of the musical text, the richly colored articulation, the often intimate dialogue between right and left hand break up the rigid form, provide the music with space and sound, which gives it additional relief through the fine reverb of the recording."


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