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  • Remy Franck, pizzicato

"breathtakingly virtuosic and very sensual in other places, generally enchanting"

"The first observation is that the programme not only focuses on the recorder, but alternates between solo and chamber music works. This brings variation.

Nevertheless, the soloist deserves special praise: the Swiss recorder player and baroque harpist Céline Pasche’s playing is in some parts breathtakingly virtuosic and very sensual in other places, generally enchanting and very imaginative.

So, it is an exceptionally beautifully played programme, which we hear, especially since the Ensemble I Pizzicanti also is excellent. These musicians know what to do with the music of the Italian composers selected for this CD. Even if one cannot sufficiently praise the richness of their playing and their technical abilities, in the end and in spite of all the youthful, fresh music-making, the respectful musicality and the warmth of expression are particularly striking."

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