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  • Remy Franck, pizzicato

"instinctively polished into a small jewel"

"The Piano Duo Genova & Dimitrov presents on two CDs all of Sergei Rachmaninov’s works for two pianos or piano four hands. (...) Aglika Genova and Liuben Dimitrov, who have now been playing together as a duo for 25 years, are said to have fulfilled a dearest wish with this recording. And that is what you hear in these very committed and eloquent interpretations. Beyond their skills in terms of balance and colour they show a refinement that ideally combines lightness and virtuosity, and in addition to the technical mastery of the material also allows for true emotions. Even where the music is more sparkling, rhetoric is more important than a virtuoso show. Every piano miniature, no matter how small, is thus enhanced and instinctively polished into a small jewel. The programme ends with the transcription of the Symphonic Dances, which Rachmaninov wrote in parallel with the orchestral version and which he performed for the first time in August 1942 together with Vladimir Horowitz in a private concert in Beverly Hills. In their contrasty performance the two pianists often immerse themselves deeply in the music. Thus, all of the music’s nostalgia is emphasised with much nuanced colours and dynamics."

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