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  • Remy Franck, pizzicato

ardeTrio: Tango exquisite

"The ardeTrio is said to be the first trio with bandoneon, violin and viola. The three musicians now present their debut CD on Ars Produktion, with new pieces by Argentine trio member Omar Massa and arrangements of works by Astor Piazzolla, whereby it is striking that Massa’s music is virtually on a par with that of Piazzolla. Equally striking is the enchanting poetry that the three musicians bring to the numerous quiet pieces in particular, and the fine rhythms with which they perform the others. No doubt about it: the ardeTrio has brought tango music to a new level of art music. With great sensitivity and sense of style, the 17 compositions are ennobled, elevated to the very special, to the exquisite. The unique atmosphere of the SACD, which is also optimally balanced in terms of sound, completely captivates the listener."


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