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  • Peter Quantrill, hi-fi news

"Barbaux-Cohen has the right feeling"

"Mel Bonis could knock out salon charmers with Hahn and the best of them in Belle Epoque salons, but tone-pictures such as 'Pensées d'Automne' and 'Eglogue' share a strain of melancholy with Grieg's Lyric Pieces. At 9m, 'La Cathédrale Blessée' is the longest piece here, standing proud from the Debussyan template, while the rippling 'Carillon Mystique' somehow belongs equally to church and café. Barbaux-Cohen has the right feeling for dance rhythm in the lighter pieces, and a deep, beautifully even touch on a sumptuously recorded Bechstein: play this at 'live' volume if you can for the full dynamic spectrum of her concluding 'Cloches Lointaines'."


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