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  • Roy Westbrook, MusicWeb International

"a very pleasing and idiomatic account"

"The E flat Trio gets a similar interpretation, serious, committed and expertly played, with many a passing detail lovingly indulged. In both trios the dynamic markings are scrupulously observed. These musicians are believers in Schumann’s observation about Schubert’s “heavenly length” and both the outer movements here are taken at a broad tempo, though never one which sounds perversely slow. There is nothing equivalent to one’s first hearing of Sviatoslav Richter opening Schubert’s B flat piano sonata D960, which is usually “What? Is he serious?” Of course, for some of us it then became a compelling alternative to ‘normal’ versions. But Trio Rafale favour tempi, and their repeat selections, which seem designed to ensure that we pay attention to every bar, sometimes twice. It perhaps needs some comparative data to put this feeling into context."

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